Rig-It® Restraint strives to be the #1 manufacturer and provider of high-quality flow-line restraint systems in North America.

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The Rig-It® Restraint system was developed by the rigging experts from Canyon Rigging. Canyon Rigging is a family-owned and operated company that manufactures and distributes rigging across Western Canada and throughout the United States. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, we focus mainly on the energy sector; however, we service all industries requiring rigging.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We know each customer by name and go above and beyond to find the perfect equipment for our customer’s specific needs. Our ability to assess, consult and deliver high-quality rigging products to our customers within their deadline is instrumental to our continued success.

Daniel Harris

President, Rig-It® Restraint

Born in Australia, Daniel lived the first 18 years of his life on the East Coast. In 2012, he came to Canada and began work in Alberta’s oil and gas sector. He quickly realized his passion for the industry and went on to become President at Canyon Rigging.

A natural problem-solver, Daniel was instrumental in creating Rig-It® Restraint. Along with Canyon Rigging Owner Gregg Hampton, they identified a gap in the rigging equipment market; they saw an opportunity for innovation and decided to build a lightweight, extremely strong, reliable rigging restraint system specifically designed for the oil and gas industry that surpasses the competitors’ products in quality and functionality.

Daniel has built a strong team of passionate and knowledgeable individuals at Canyon Rigging. They’re dedicated to providing exceptional customer experiences and high-quality products. His vision to bring Canyon Rigging’s Rig-It® Restraint system to the forefront of the global market has been realized. Daniel’s ambition and hard work have enabled him and his team to take Rig-It® Restraint to where it is today; he continues to innovate and adapt to the ever-evolving oil and gas industry.

“I believe handshakes are stronger than contracts.” – Daniel Harris

About Canyon Rigging

Canyon Rigging was founded in 1998 in the foothills of Southern Alberta, 12 miles southwest of Okotoks. Custom cargo securement and rigging is our speciality.

Gregg Hampton, the owner of the company, has been in the cargo securement and rigging industry since 1978 bringing almost 40 years experience to the company. He continues to lead his team by example.

“There is no exception for hard work” -Gregg Hampton, Owner of Canyon Rigging

  • We’ve been through the highs and lows of our industry and realize the importance of customer service along with a fair price.

  • We believe employing local people helps us gain an advantage over the competition when it comes to quality. Our staff take pride in what they make because they see the people that they make it for. We build our products on-site in Calgary.

  • Our company services our customers with a fleet of one-ton flat deck trucks, which also serve as a mobile store for the customers that need something right away.

  • If you need cargo securement and rigging for your ATV or the largest cranes in North America and everything in between, we’re here to service you. No order is too large or too small. We will customize anything you need and also repair our product.

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A truly great company. These guys are amazing to deal with, they know their products and if there unsure they will find it. We love using Canyon Rigging for all our Towing Rigging.
ATR Logistics
Best service I have had from all the rigging supply stores in Calgary I have been too. They have made straps up quickly when we have been tight on time. Usually a good price too.
Travis Gallup

We have six packages in the field right now that are worked on a daily basis. It’s thinner, it’s easier and it bends easier. The difference is night and day.

John Prescesky, Step Energy Services

I’ve used numerous types of systems. Working with them in the mud, cold climates like this, they get so frozen and hard to work with. This is going to save us a tremendous amount of time.

Don Perron, Step Energy Services


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